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Michael J. McDonald

 +61 03 9905 1697


Principal Investigator

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Aysha Sezmis

Chris Blake

Chris' Ph.D. focuses on evolutionary dynamics in microorganisms, specifically how coevolution with other species impacts adaptation dynamics. 


Ph. D Candidate


Atharva Bhide

Ph. D Candidate

2010 - present


Storme's Ph. D is focused on developing model, complex microbial communities for evolution experiments.

Soffi is a GEMS Ph.D fellow based in Monash Malaysia and Monash Australia. Their reasearch focuses on the interactions of antimicrobials with the TolC receptor of S. Sonnei. 

Veerabhadra Dantuluri (Raju)

Raju's Masters research is focused on phage training with A. baumannii phage.

Storme de Scally

Ph. D Candidate

MSc Candidate

Soffi Law

Ph.D Candidate

Harm's lead supervisor is Kay Hodgins. Their research focuses on plant-microbe coevolution and interactions.

MSc Candidate

Harm Jansen

Disha Chaudhary

Ph.D Candidate

Disha is a ITTB-Monash Ph. D fellow. Their reasearch focuses on the tension between cooperation and competition in experimetnal populations of S. cerevisiae. 

2010 - present

Lab Alumni:

Ruzeen Patway (Research Assistant)
Dr Gareth Howells (Ph. D)
Dr An Nguyen (Ph. D)
Sharikul Huda (Masters)
Mariel Beiers (Honours)
Dr Duhita Sant (Ph. D)
Dr. Jake Barber (Ph. D)
Dr Laura Woods (Ph. D)
Bronson O'Halloran (Honours)
Jasmyn Voss (Honours and Research Assistant

Shami Ramanan (Honours)
Trent Anderson (Honours)
Luke Nicholson (Honours)
Rebecca Tooze (3990 undergraduate research)

Emily Watts (3990 undergraduate research)
Imogen Scott (3990 undergraduate research)
Frank Taylor (Honours)
Thomas Brasher (3990 undergraduate research)

Jimmy Tanner (undergraduate volunteer)
Angel Liang (undergraduate volunteer)

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